Heal Your Trauma.
Rediscover Your Authentic Self.

Christina Aguilar, LPC offers compassionate care to trauma survivors, helping them to integrate their minds, bodies and spirits so they can reconnect with their authentic selves. Christina provides patients with a safe and nurturing space where she guides them in identifying and understanding the origins of patterns that keep them stuck and empowers them to believe in and love themselves. Trauma recovery embraces self-compassion, slowing down to find gratitude in fleeting moments and learning how to play. It allows patients to discover their adversity-learned gifts of resiliency, tenacity, courage and autonomy, allowing them to start living in and of the world; not on the sidelines.

Trauma is in the nervous system, not in the event.

Peter Levine, PhD
Director, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

We remember trauma with our feelings and our bodies.

Bessel Van der Kolk, MD
Founder, Trauma Center

Just as you ought not to attempt to cure eyes without head or head without body,
so you should not treat body without soul.

Greek Philosopher