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 About Christina

Christina Aguilar’s training is rooted in psychology, medicine and counseling. After years as a therapist in both the nonprofit and private sectors, she has opened a private practice to personally use her unique skills to help others transcend trauma.

Her undergraduate work was done at Stanford University, where she received a BA in Psychology, specializing in health and education (minoring in Chicano Cultural Studies). While at Stanford, Christina used university resources to create prevention/intervention services in neighboring East Palo Alto, which lacked comparable access to healthcare and behavioral health.

Christina pursued her medical degree at Oregon Health Science University, where she first became interested in the effect of unresolved trauma on physical disease, mental illness and addictions. These beliefs were strengthened while doing rotations at Sierra Tucson and after completing the Integrative Medicine Program with Andrew Weil, MD at the University of Arizona. Deeply affected by cases of misdiagnosed trauma, Christina left medicine, believing in the untapped restorative potential of effective trauma therapy for individuals and communities. She then pursued a MSc in Community Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix.

Christina is a certified EMDR Practitioner (Level 2), Certified (Mirror) Revisioning Practitioner, and trained in Somatic Experiencing. She has taken numerous other specialized trainings. View her CV.



Christina offers private one-on-one counseling in person in Tucson, AZ or remotely over the Internet. She is developing a women’s group and retreat options and also is available as a speaker or workshop presenter on trauma-related topics.

The journey to wellness begins with one single step…


Willingness and determination are the cornerstones of your recovery. The medicine you are looking for lies within yourself. 

Christina believes the journey to wellness begins when you make the commitment to start down the path of trauma recovery. Her role is to be a lantern on your path home to self. It takes tremendous courage to place one’s faith in another’s hands. Christina will be honored to be entrusted with your story, so she can walk this path with you.

She will draw upon an array of empirically-proven techniques to customize a treatment plan tailored specifically to your unique needs:

  • EMDR

  • Expressive Arts

  • Mirror Revisioning

  • Somatic Experiencing

She will also use her western medical training and her background as an energy healer to support the dynamic interplay of mind, body and spirit required for trauma recovery.